As we face new beginnings in the phases of our lives, what emerge are different definitions of life, work and our relationships. People in transition need to rediscover what is possible. We believe they need to use their past experiences, beliefs and personal achievements to attain personal and professional success from a new perspective.

How do we train our mind and our emotions to draw upon our past experiences to effect change within our belief systems? How do we achieve personal and professional success from a new perspective?

Bring together both business and personal experience

Build trust and worth with ourselves and others

Discover what is possible

Be a builder in your life. Identify your new center of balance and boundary, and develop strategies that will move you in that direction.

Times that force transitions can be a powerful opportunity for growth, if we boldly embrace the opportunity.


Speaking Topics:

Connecting Our Human Experiences with Story

Finding the Balance in your Life – emotionally, physically and mentally

Working with your Strengths: Discover the Possible and Take Action

Eric Erickson Theories of Stages as Adults – Life Passages, Changes that Inspire our Lives

Writing to Expand Your Emotional Intelligence

A Life of Possibilities

Giving Up the In-Between Life

Transitioning to the Empty Nest

Re-inventing your Career after 50

The Journey of a Late-Blooming Author