Your subconscious mind is powerful!

Every day we make hundreds of decisions we never consciously think about. What food to eat, clothes to wear, conversation responses, money decisions and our relationships can all be steered by our subconscious.

Think of it this way. Have you ever been driving home from work and suddenly realized you are in front of your house? You don’t remember turning off the highway or turning onto your side street. And yet, home is where you are.  This is an example of how our subconscious directs our behavior. The less obvious effects of the subconscious are what Psyche-K is concerned with.

Without bringing your patterns from the subconscious to the conscious and then discovering what beliefs are holding you back, change may at best be difficult, at worst, impossible.    

Many barriers to understanding our brain have been broken. Yet most of us haven’t benefited from these breakthroughs as there have not been simple techniques to bring them to the common man.  PSYCH-K’s long duration in the market has shown its success in building that bridge which helps us to understand and change subconscious beliefs.

The untapped frontier

New advances in brain imaging have been utilized by cognitive psychologists to prove our subconscious does exist! And these studies have shown our subconscious brain will select and direct our choices before they are even in our awareness field.

Your subconscious can be powerful, and its dictates to keep us safe are strongly embedded. The focus is more on the negative factors, because these are where the greatest threats are often found.

Often in my Psychology classes, I would ask my students to describe a witch from the Wizard of Oz. Take a moment yourself to close your eyes and imagine the witch. What comes to mind? Was it the wicked witch? Inevitably, my students would describe the wicked witch. Why? Simple. It isn’t the good witch that will threaten our lives, it is the bad one. The purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate that humans primarily will pick up the negative more so than the positive, because the negative can hurt us. It is this cause/effect association that allows old negative statements and experiences to remain so strong in our subconscious.

What do negative statements sound like?

“In fourth grade I was told I wasn’t a good student. Even after I graduated college with honors, on some level I still believed this was true.”

“I always wanted to excel in sports, until I was selected for a team. Then I couldn’t get motivated to play well. I just didn’t believe I was as skilled as others.”

“I’m afraid, I worry, I think of what may go wrong, all the time.”

“Not pretty enough, smart enough or liked enough to be accepted by others. That was the message told me to over and over again.”

Messages like this run in the undercurrent of our brain, influencing what we do or don’t do in life. Bringing them to the surface is the best way to deal with them and most importantly replace them with positive and productive messages!

Uncovering our subconscious messages and faulty information is all part of the PSYCH.K process.



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