The Insights Assessment©  – Your Emerging Self


Ever find yourself lost when you try to understand what you have to offer the world?

Do you have the sense that there is a calling for you, a place in the world where you can truly feel you are doing what you enjoy, and valued for what you are contributing?

Understanding who we are can be complicated, and hard to translate to the world. Yet understanding what we offer can be of utmost importance for moving forward in the world, and can bring clarity to our internal process.

The Insights Assessment© is designed to unearth and incorporate your strengths, reveal the personality traits you came into this world with, and help you in understanding your soul journey energies.  Through it you will see yourself in a different light, through different eyes. Imagine having a new and unique vocabulary which accurately depicts your inner gifts.

The Insight Assessment is a 12-18 page document that I create specifically for you, designed to help you realize the natural talents that you have. You will find out where your strengths lie, and get insight into what may be challenging and limiting you in your quest to be the most that you can be.

This report is unlike any other assessment because it lists and compares the results of three well-established tools and modalities, and these results are then further refined using a unique process.

In the creation of this personalized assessment, I draw on the following resources:

StrengthsFinder© is a development tool based on research in strength psychology. We will uncover your top 5 strengths and how they serve you. Think of strengths like your superpowers. But if you don’t know what they are, how can you use them?
Since 1998 StrengthsFinder has helped millions find their top talents.

Human Metrics©:  Based on the work of Carl Jung, discover your four personality types from within the four dichotomies, and how they serve you.
Extraverted vs Introverted
Sensing vs Intuition
Thinking vs Feeling
Judging vs Perceiving
People fall within dimensions of each of these poles, encompassing traits from each dichotomy. Based on this framework, Jung identified 16 personality types. Our types influence our behavior, our thoughts and actions. By identifying your personality type you begin to understand your behavior, identify situations you would excel in, and recognize situations that could present a challenge to you. You will also start to recognize personality types in others.

Determine the Destiny Energy influences: This is a process I’ve developed, with a strong influence by Numerology, and the work of Dan Millman, author of The Life You Were Born to Live, and Christine Delorey, author of Life Cycles. The goal is to unearth and understand the gifts we brought into this life, as well as the challenges we can expect. When these are compared to the strengths and traits as determined by the other three more traditional tools, a pattern will begin to emerge, allowing one to see how the different aspects of you are related, how they support each other, and how to work with them in the most positive way.

The result of combining these tools and techniques, and applying insight based on my background in psychology, is an eye-opening report that can help bring clarity to your current life situations, increase confidence, and point you in new directions.


Let’s find out what you have to offer.

The Insights Assessment will identify and describe those gifts that are a part of YOU. But most importantly, this understanding will help you go forward in the world embracing these gifts and empowering you to apply them in every aspect of your life.

If you are interested in improving your position in the workforce, the Insights Assessment will help you craft a resume that stands out from the crowd, provide resources to draw on during the interview process, and guide you toward a career you can excel in. The fact is, people are happier when they are working in their strengths – they excel and are more productive!

Please feel free to use our Contact Page for any questions you may have, or to schedule a time for your Insights Assessment.